Parenting Workshops

Each workshop lasts from two hours and up to three hours. 

Every workshop focuses on issues and challenges faced by families.
Each workshop is a great opportunity to reflect on your unique family, your current parenting style, what is working and what you need to change.

The workshops are a great oportunity to gain simple tools and strategies that you can use immediately with your unique family.
You will leave the workshop inspired, positive and confident that you will be the parent you truly want to be and continue to build a stronger and secure relationship with your child, whatever their age.

Popular workshops include:

  • Calm Parents, Calm Children.
  • Time management, how to spend quality time with your children, when you feel you don’t have enough time.
  • Good parents, Great Children
  • Supporting and engaging your child through their Primary School Education, without workbooks or technology
  • Parenting 2 year olds.
  • Switch technology off for Family time.
  • Mindfulness and Well Being for Parents
  • E-safety and how to protect your children Online
  • Raising Confident Children.

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