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Cherie the Parenting coach

Why work with me?

Working with me means you will be part of  a positive, reassuring and  reflective process, that will enable you to build upon your current parenting skills, turn your thoughts into actions and move life forward positively for you and your unique family.

 Being a parent is the most important job in the world and, at times, the most stressful!

 How do I know? I am a parent of a 29-year-old daughter, a 26-year-old son, and a 26-year-old stepson. I have been married, divorced, a single parent, a step mum and remarried and created a blended family. 

 I have worked with thousands of parents as a Nursery Nurse, teacher and Parent Coach.

 When raising my children, I did not know about Parent coaching. As a single parent, and later when I remarried to create a blended family, it would have been invaluable to have a non – non-judgmental sounding board to support me through the difficult days and help me celebrate the fabulous days. The exciting part is that now I am a parent coach, and I can support parents in becoming the parents they have always wanted to be.

You can benefit too by contacting Cherie today.

cherie expertise

What will you gain if you work with Cherie?

  • Expertise from a coach who is positive and parent focused.
  • Understanding and empathy for the frustrations, anxieties, bewilderment, and soul-searching parents do as they look for the right things to do and say.
  • Ongoing support as you work through the steps of the coaching process.
  • An opportunity to reflect on your current parenting, explore skills and techniques to bring out the best in your children and yourself.
  • Improved confidence in your ability to parent.
  • Improved knowledge of boundaries, calmer, confident, consistent parenting and realistic expectations of your children
  • Become The Parent You Have Always Wanted To Be for yourself and your unique family.

Ask yourself this question: if you don’t contact Cherie today, what changes will happen for you and your family?

Book a discovery call today and learn how parent coaching can support your parenting journey.