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Our role as Parents is like being the Managing Director of the most important Company in the world, juggling skills such as communication, organisation, decision making and time management, amongst lots of other things. That is why parenting is the most important but at times most challenging job in the world.

Sometimes in our role as parents we need support in reflecting on where we are and an opportunity to focus on what sort of parent we want to be. By attending one of the CherieTheParentCoach courses this is exactly what you will experience, an opportunity to reflect on the positives and challenges in your role as a parent and a place to work with others, to develop strategies to help you Be The Parent You Have Always Wanted To Be.

Upcoming online courses 

Parenting with confidence

Spring 2024

Price  £99

Course content –

Week 1 –

  • Introduction to the course and participants
  • Explore the challenges you are currently facing
  • Explore the triggers and your reactions to the challenges
  • Understand when challenging behaviour takes place
  • Learn some strategies and tools for managing challenging behaviour
  • Discuss the parenting task for this week

Week 2

  • Recap on last week’s parenting task
  • Explore how you were parented as a child influences your parenting
  • Learn about your parenting style
  • Use I instead of you
  • Learn various strategies and tools to manage challenging behaviour
  • Discuss the parenting task for this week

Week 3

  • Recap on last week’s parenting task
  • Explore boundaries and consequences
  • Discuss expectations in your home
  • Understand how the language you use affects children’s behaviour
  • Reflect on your takeaways from the course and next steps.

Course Format

  • 3 x 90-minute weekly group video call sessions led by CherieTheParentCoach
  • Explore weekly content as a group
  • Group discussions in breakout rooms and the opportunity to ask your own questions to cover any personal areas of interest
  • The format is set up so that you can just listen to the content, or you can interact if you would like to, to cater for everyone’s individual preferences. 
  • You will get the opportunity to join a WhatsApp group with the other participants to keep in touch throughout the course and after it has ended (if you desire)


The course will run with minimum 2 participants and maximum 10 participants. (In the unlikely event that a course does not have enough participants to run, you will receive a full refund).


The course costs £99 for the 3 sessions and comes with a free downloadable Parenting with confidence Journal to document the course.

To book a place on the Spring course contact Cherie, Click Here