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Our role as Parents is like being the Managing Director of the most important Company in the world, juggling skills such as communication, organisation, decision making and time management, amongst lots of other things. That is why parenting is the most important but at times most challenging job in the world.

Sometimes in our role as parents we need support in reflecting on where we are and an opportunity to focus on what sort of parent we want to be. By attending one of the CherieTheParentCoach courses this is exactly what you will experience, an opportunity to reflect on the positives and challenges in your role as a parent and a place to work with others, to develop strategies to help you Be The Parent You Want To Be.

Online courses will be available later on in the year including

  • Calm Parents, Calm Children
  • Ditch the guilt Wellbeing for Parents
  • Parenting Two Year Olds
  • Raising Confident Children
  • Single to Blended Families.

If individuals or companies would be interested in running or joining any of the online courses,
please contact Cherie using the contact form.

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