Calm, honest and professional

online parenting recommendation

Highly highly recommend.

Passionate, committed and knows her ‘stuff’ with all the life experiences. Calm, honest and professional with outstanding listening skills. Recommend Coaching with Cherie if you looking for support.


A wonderful and authentic coach

I am a member of Cherie’s FB group and I love the content and advice she shares.

As a busy mum of 3 I have little time to think about myself or reflect on my parenting. But I have found Cherie to be so positive and encouraging. Her background as a teacher means that she really understands children’s development and as a mum of older children I feel that she sees the bigger picture. I would highly recommend working with Cherie- she is a wonderful and authentic coach.


Amazingly supportive

Amazingly supportive and practical help.

Cherie really helped me be more confident in tackling difficult behaviour and helped me find new strategies.


Provided lots of strategies

Very good course

Provided lots of strategies to become a calmer parent and chose the ones that suit you. Cherie is a very good providing ideas and sharing her experience. Would definitely recommend


She helped build a plan

Highly recommend Cherie.

I attended an online coaching program as well as some personal one to one sessions and she transformed family life for us. I was able to see the issues that were affecting us more clearly and she helped build a plan to address them. Really excellent and she’s also a really lovely person as well


Outstanding guidance and support

Highly recommend Cherie

She helped me to get into a better routine of bedtime as it was a complete disaster before! Cherie’s guidance and support was outstanding and has truly made a difference.


Highly knowledgeable and experienced

When I got in touch with Cherie, my daughter was just turning 3 and I was struggling. I had fallen into the habit of trying to avoid tantrums and upset by appeasement, and this just wasn’t working. Through my conversations with Cherie, I learnt some easy and positive approaches to building in boundaries (and consistently following these). Over the last 3 months, bath and bedtimes have become stress free, there are far fewer tantrums, and I am finding it easier to respond to my daughter’s outbursts when they do happen.

Cherie is a highly knowledgeable and experienced Parent Coach, who is extremely easy to talk to. As a single mum, I found it helpful to reflect on my parenting, knowing that I wouldn’t be judged and be offered really sound suggestions and lots of support.

We are in a calmer place now

It has been wonderful working with Cherie. I have three kids and she has really helped me gain perspective and provided really helpful insight and tips, at a very challenging time (I worked with Cherie over lockdown and really felt supported over this difficult chapter).

I found Cherie encouraging and a positive influence – she wasn’t judgemental and was able to suggest different approaches when something wasn’t working. Working with her over six months meant I could implement changes and assess how these adjustments affected our family. We are in a calmer place now and are communicating better as a family, this has reduced the amount of conflict and has given me time to reflect and address each of my child’s needs. I would highly recommend working with Cherie, and it’s lovely knowing she is there – if we were going through another tricky patch I would definitely work through it with Cherie.

I cannot thank you enough

Cherie, you have give me a completely new perspective on my parenting role, you made me realise that I am allowed to learn as a parent and not always get things right. You have taught me that I don’t need anyone to validate me and that I can validate myself. This has made me grow faith in myself and heal from the mistakes I have been beating myself about, which in turn has made me a more content and happy parent. Cherie, I cannot thank you enough, when I met you I was in pieces and the time spent with you, your knowledge, understanding and guidance have helped me turn my home life around.

Parent of a 6 year old daughter

Clear advice and lots of reassurance

Parent Coaching with Cherie has helped me so much – clear advice and lots of reassurance. I can already see the benefits in my relationships with my kids. Thank you!

Mum of a 7 and 9 year old

I could have easily stayed on for longer!

Cherie was brilliant, easy to talk to, approachable, lots of ideas and an engaging powerpoint during the workshop. I could have easily stayed on for longer! I can’t wait for part 2.

Mother of two daughters, 3 and 6

Coaching sessions focused on action

The process of improving parenting can many times be quite simple. Small changes in practice can make a huge difference! Being reminded how young my children are and that their brains just aren’t capable of understanding what we do. The coaching sessions were focused on action and Cherie ensured that we confirmed our action items between sessions. Cherie has extensive experience with primary school children and that really helped to frame things and more fully understand their behaviour.

S and P
Parents of 6 year old twin sons and a 3 year old son

I really appreciated the non-judgmental guidance and support

It was a very tough moment in our family life. I really appreciated the non-judgmental guidance and support throughout the sessions. Cherie was very understanding and always came up with interesting ways to deal with difficult issues. The situation was not easy but I have to say that setting up boundaries, and self-respect was the most challenging. How to communicate with a teenager and follow-through was also a challenge that Cherie helped me with.

Mum of 13 and 15 year old daughters

Brilliant course

Brilliant course. Cherie was very knowledgeable and helpful. This course has motivated me to get out of the home and build on my confidence levels regarding my learning and parenting abilities.

Parent of 11, 14 and 17 year old

She has an exceptional skill

We have used Cherie when our 3 Yr old was going through lots of tantrums and hitting out behaviour.
She really helped us understand what was going on in his mind and how to cope with these behaviours. Her advice and support helped us have confidence in ourselves and the techniques we implemented really helped our 3 Yr old come out of this cycle. Outbursts are now infrequent.
Cherie really gets kids and us as parents. She has an exceptional skill.

Cerri and Andy
Parents of a one and three year old

I didn’t think I would be able to learn as much as I did

I didn’t think I would be able to learn as much as I did. I have been able to to help my children with their learning and have learnt the importance of vocabulary and maths in everyday life.

Parent of 3 and 5 year old

Cherie brings a breath of fresh air to being a parent

Cherie brings a breath of fresh air to being a parent. I have benefited from Cherie’s input for two sessions and I have already seem marked improvements in my children’s communication towards me. The positivity from Cherie has helped me understand that I am not alone in the day to day challenges I am facing in bringing up my children and I am actually a fabulous parent but worries a lot. I have no hesitation in recommending Cherie as a ‘super parent coach’. I urge anyone who wants to enjoy happier, healthier parenting to contact Cherie.

Ambika Pindoria
Parent of 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter

A very worthwhile experience

I found the coaching sessions with Cherie to be a very worthwhile experience . Cherie was very approachable and friendly, but at the same time I felt that confidentiality was not an issue at all, which was reassuring.

Cherie started by asking questions which led on to me identifying areas I wish to change/move on in both my professional senior leadership role within a primary school and my personal life. Cherie was a very good listener and picked up on issues that are important to me and needed some changes to take place. Cherie made me realise that no issue is too big to tackle as long as small, achievable goals are set within a sensible time frame. I have already made a few small changes which have impacted hugely on my work-life balance and general well-being by reducing my stress levels. Simple solutions which just needed time to discuss and think through before putting them into action. Again, I am using the strategies Cherie has shown me to help tackle newly identified goals. I am very grateful to Cherie for helping to move both my professional and personal life on in different but very important ways.

Caron Keeley
Early Years Coordinator in a Primary School

A very positive and extremely helpful experience

I found the coaching sessions with Cherie a very positive and extremely helpful experience. I am really surprised at the number of things that I have achieved in a relatively short space of time. Without the coaching, I would probably have only achieved a tenth of those things! I feel that the coaching inspired and motivated me into action and that it also kept me on track. The coaching helped me to think very carefully about what I wanted to be doing and made me realise that I myself could be much more proactive in my outlook and how I could set about to achieve my goals.

N McGarry
Dyslexia Teacher

Very positive

I found Cherie and the whole coaching experience very positive. I discovered myself finding the positives in things, even when they seemed difficult or a struggle. I always kept my goals in mind and through the coaching sessions I strived towards them and as a result achieved what I had set out to do.

A Green

Improve my quality of life and help refocus

I was hesitant about starting the coaching process with Cherie as I wasn’t sure what (if any) benefits it would provide me. Little did I know that it was a start of a process that would improve my quality of life and help refocus on the things that were truly important to me.

A Wilson
Traffic Engineer