Time Management Parenting Workshop

How to spend quality time with your children, when you don’t feel you have enough time.

The Time Management Workshop , is a fun, informative and reflective workshop. It focuses on how to spend quality time with your children, when you feel you don’t have enough time!

During this workshop you will have the opportunity to reflect on what is going well with your parenting and the changes you want to make. You will explore where you lose time and look at where you could gain time to enable you to take the first steps to enjoy more time with your family.

During this parenting workshop in , you will have the opportunity to answer the following questions:

  • What do you do with the 24 hours in a day?
  • What single activity do you want to spend more time on?
  • Why can you do to have more time for yourself and your family?
  • What is stopping you finding the time to do the things you really want to?
  • What would you put on your play date wheel, quality time spent as a family?

By attending this workshop you will benefit in the following ways:

  • Have a clear idea of how you can take control of your time
  • Made great decisions about what you want to achieve and how you want to spend your time.
  • At least three positive changes you will make, to help you feel less stressed about having too much to do and too little time to do it.
  • A play date wheel and goals for when you are going to use it
  • Tools that you can use to increase your energy levels and focus on spending time with your family.

The parenting workshop in , will be interactive, practical and give parents an opportunity to use a variety of tools that they can take away, to enable them to be the parents they want to be and make the necessary changes within their own unique families. As a result as parents you will be able to spend more time as a family doing the things you want to do. Imagine that after spending just 90 minutes in this workshop, you would be able to have more time, doing the things you want to for yourself and strengthen the relationship you have with your family.

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